France Denies Being Financial Headquarters Of IPOB

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France has denied is being the financial headquarters of the proscribed Indeginous People of Biafra (IPoB).

The country stated it's position on Thursday through its Political Counsellor in Nigeria, Claude Abily.

Abily expressed shock at the statement credited to the Minister of Information, Lai Mohamed which claimed that the financial headquarters of IPoB is in France.

In a disclaimer statement issued by Abily, France offered to cooperate with Nigeria to investigate the veracity of the Federal government’s claim.

France as a country has been supportive to Nigeria in tackling her security challenges and will continue to support the country’s unity, Abily said in the statement. 

He added: “The Embassy of France was surprised by the statement made yesterday by the Minister of Information and Culture indicating that the “financial headquarters” of IPoB were in France.

“We don’t have any knowledge of a particular presence of IPoB in France and the Nigerian authorities never got in touch with the Embassy on this point. 

“We stand ready to examine any information which could support this statement.

“Furthermore, we would like to reiterate that France actively cooperates with Nigeria in the field of security and that we strongly support the unity of the country.”

Mohammed, had on Wednesday at a news conference in Abuja, claimed that the financial headquarters of IPoB is in France.

He had made reference to some "available records" which he said  showed that the IPoB was getting money both from the Diaspora and at home. 

He had said: "We have the records, we know IPoB collects money from many people from diaspora, they collect money from many people in Nigeria they collect money from some foreign countries, this is clear.

“Let me tell you, the financial headquarters is in France, we know, but you see, can you as a government stop sending money to your parents? You have to block the sources of finance that is what I said recently.

“It is incontrovertible that some people in diaspora contribute money to IPoB, where does he get his money from. We know this as a fact again there are a few very naughty diplomatic issues which you need to skip."